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389 less than massively difficult Sokoban puzzles

Lime Larry

It's about a fellow named Larry, not Jerry, nor Berry, nor Harry

Spooky Bash

Make the world safe from zombies and ghosts


Based on the Block Dude scientific calculator game

Double Bubble

20 levels of double bubbling thrills and chills!


Alphabet puzzle like 1024 and 2048. Not just for kids anymore!

Word Rogue

Form an English word with 5 letters before zombies get you


Roguelike, sort of like Slender Man. Find 8 gems before you die!


The Amazing Marble Tilt Maze Puzzle!

Neko Mania

To pounce or not to pounce! But don't take all day to decide!

Packer Person

Pick them up! Put them down! Rinse! Repeat!

Big Cow

Post your meme message in the belly of an ASCII cow!